WAYLLSHINE® Zoomable Scalable Flashlight Review

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Extremely pleasant red flashlight when it is working effectively. Sadly, that is not constantly. A few times the 3 mode work falls flat and it stalls out in diminish steady light mode.

I considered reaching the vender until I found the guarantee obliges purchaser to pay shipping both courses for substitution. Since that would cost more than the entire new value I chose it was a useless guarantee.

==> The WAYLLSHINE minimal and bright Red LED flashlight is uniquely intended for seekers. Night chasing can be fun and viable however it is trying to discover the objective. Human’s eyes are most delicate to the Red scope of light, however creatures are not spooked by a Red light flashlight, so chasing light is exceptionally useful to locate the amusement oblivious. A large portion of chasing recreations like pigs, cayotes, fox or different varmints, are less touchy to the Red light so you can locate the diversion and go for the objective without alarming them

==> The Red light can be utilized for sending signal, for asking help. we additionally plan Strobe mode for this flashlight

==> Pleaase check the photos at the subtle elements page, Zoomable versatile CREE LED for more than 150 yard long range light pillar


Producer Type: CREE XP-E

Light Beam Color: Red

Yield Luminous: Flux 200 lumens

Lighting Distance: 150 yard

Modes: 3, High, Low, Strobe

Benefit Life: 10,0000 hours

Voltage: 3.7-4.5V

Battery Configuration: 1×14500 battery,or 1xAA (battery is excluded)

Weight: 60g

Bundle include:

1 X Flashlight

1 X User Manual


1.365-day guarantee:

2.30-day Money Back Guarantee

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Client Reviews

By rematt

I’m a pediatric medical caretaker and I purchased this with the expectation that it could help me discover veins on difficult to stick kids. There are comparable items accessible from medicinal services locales that are significantly more costly. This worked awesome! The light is bright and makes seeing veins on thick little children a breeze. Exceptionally satisfied with this item.

By P. Wright

This works awesome !!

I have a salt water reef aquarium and required a little red flashlight so I could keep an eye on the fish and different critters around evening time without cracking them out. I truly would not like to spend excessively on this thing: I simply needed an utilitarian red flashlight.

I’ve attempted 2 other red flashlights before this one:

  1. The first had 7 red LEDs…then 2 ceased working..then another 2… until I had 1 solitary red LED. I sent that one back. Much appreciated Amazon for your incredible merchandise exchange
  2. The second one wasn’t generally a red flashlight at all . Rather, it was an ordinary flashlight with a red top over the focal point. The fish were NOT tricked

This Wayllshine has worked awesome without any issues by any stretch of the imagination. The cost was correct and conveyance was more right than wrong to plan and the fish scarcely focus on the light.

The main admonition is that each third time you turn it on, the flashlight goes into a disco-sort blazing mode. I’m almost certain this is a deliberate yet so-not-required element

By simply being Frank

A pleasant evening time embellishment for stargazing (perusing graphs, finding dropped things, staying away from power strings, so forward).

Enlightens pleasantly while saving night vision.

Zoom highlight is pleasant, gives everything from a tight concentration to a wide field of light.

Utilizes a solitary AA battery, a rechargeable batt appears to work fine and dandy if not somewhat dimmer. Ideal for my employments.

A 150 yard range is an extend for 200 lumens, particularly in these shading ranges (R-G-B). You may have the capacity to see a shaded speck during the evening from 150 yards, perhaps. Expect a useable scope of 150 feet.

Take note of: The “3 Mode” applies to a more costly variation of this light, not to this one particularly or to the blue or green LED forms; the 3 Mode highlight applies just to a fourth flashlight that costs twice as much as the “single-mode” Red, Blue, or Green flashlight.

By Milan


Why ?? it just didnt work!! Be that as it may, issue is that I REAAALLLLY NEEDED this flashlight as i was somewhere down amidst amazon wilderness and it was required i have red lights!!!

Fresh out of the box new thing, arrives, i place batteries in and it turns on. at that point i touch base in the amazon wilderness, where there was no power, nothing and so forth…

at that point I turn it on it works, then at night – its the first run through during the evening I should utilize them – they just would illuminate, then wont kill, so regardless of how frequently i squeezed to catch – it simply had its very own psyche!!! No tuning On, and no killing.

Say thanks to God for a decent respectable man who loaned me his additional headlights!

Simply misuse of my cash! I was extremely vexed, of cos! who wouldn’t be, particularly when you’re amidst wilderness and you got no flashlight!!!

By Grahambo

i’m an attendant (5+ years)… i bought this to be utilized as a part of a pediatric populace, and i was trusting this would be tantamount to the overrated small light… it’s most certainly not… the quality of the light simply isn’t solid enuff. it has various knobs, however i think the issue is the quality that the light turns out… besides, hold that is more troublesome and ungainly i feel, contrasted with a littler, more reasonable small light shape and handle.


To begin with of the nature of the item is awesome most likely about it, strong development, True Red LED, Really solid light, Superb optics, AA battery bolster. I simply trust the switch will last, the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually. I utilize it every day a few times around evening time for brief periods … so why the three stars? I wish it would recall the light setting!!! Each time I need to turn it off I need to delicate press the on/off switch twice so whenever I turn it on it will be at the coveted setting. For my situation I require it at low power, so to turn it off need to delicate change to irritating flickering, then high force and after that off … unfailingly!!

By Amazon Dweller

Not as bright as I expected, but rather not terrible at the cost. You can drive the adaptive ring here and there to zoom in/out. The ring is not strung not at all like maglights that you have to turn the zooming ring. At the point when the bar is completely engaged, you can really observe the 10 light discharging lines on the square concentration (yes, it’s a square with a cut corner, not a circle. See the picture connected).

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