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Streamlight Strion 74301

My Streamlight Strion review: A top LED flashlight!

Flashlights have been around for many year and they are one of the most commonly found tools in house holds and cars all over the world!

This is because they can be really useful during a power outage, especially if you live in an are with bad weather or a power network that gets easily overloaded and malfunctions! Furthermore, flashlights are also the best way to see what you’re doing if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere at night!

But flashlights in the last few year have become a standard part of any police officer’s or security agent’s equipment!

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The reason for that is actually very simple, the latest LED flashlights can also be used as melee weapons due to their special design, and they can be also used to distract an assailant! You see some of he latest models are among the brightest flashlights on the market, so when being faced by a criminal during night time, the police or security officer can shine the light on his face and blind or disorientate him!

Since the LED flashlight has become so essential for people working in the security industry, there are literally hundreds of models available out there and each claims to be the best LED flashlight on the market! Since we are talking about a very important piece of a security officer’s kit here, one should choose very wisely which he;ll buy, which given the plethora of models available, can seem a bit hard!

This why in this review we will take a look that many users and experts alike agree that it’s perhaps the best flashlight on the market, the new Streamlight 74301 Strion LED Flashlight! Do you want to find out what makes it so cool and special? Well keep on reading my review!

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Streamlight Strion  Description:

Streamlight 74301 Strion LED Flashlight with AC/12-Volt DC and 1-Holder

The first thing you’ll notice when seeing the Streamlight Strion, is just how small and compact it is! In fact, it’s one of the smallest rechargeable LED flashlights on the planet! Don’t let its diminuitive size full you though, thanks to its ultra bright C4 LED beam, it’s also one of the brightest and strongest flashlights out there! Featuring a unique and state of the art lithium Ion battery, the Strion 74301 is able to effortlessly produce up to 8,8000 candela and 160-lumen of brightness, despite being just 5-/14 inches big! Because of that, the Streamlight 74301 is the LED flashlight of choice of many security agencies and police forces all over the world!

There are many other cool features and things about the Strion that you should know, like for example the fact that its one of a kind lithium Ion battery can be fully recharged at least three hundred times without losing anything in terms of battery life! Then there’s also the fact that its specially designed lens has been made using special Borofloat high temperature glass that will not be affected by the bulbs heat, even if you use the flashlight at full power for long amounts of time! Finally, the body of the Streamlight 74301 is built entirely out of the same aluminum that’s used to build airplanes and it’s also completely water proof! In short, whether you are a police officer or a civilian, this is definitely the best LED flashlight for you!

Features of the Streamlight Strion

  • Really compact size!

    Streamlight Strion1

Thanks to its unique design and one of a kind Lithium Ion battery system, the Streamlight Strion 74301 is easily one of the smallest rechargeable LED flashlight

models ever made! This makes it really easy to carry around with you, making it ideal for the equipment belts of all security agents and policemen!

  • Amazingly bright!

Despite its small size, the Strion is equipped with Streamlighs state of the art C$ LED technology, which allows it to easily produce up to 8,8000 candela and 160-lumen worth of light, making it one of the strongest and brightest flashlights on the market!

  • Very versatile!

The Strion LED Flashlight has three light intensity modes as well as a strobe mode which can be used to blind or disorientate an assailant or to signal for help if you get stranded somewhere in the middle of the night!

  • Really long battery life!

The battery of the Streamlight Strion can easily last for up to two hours of non stop use! It can also be fully recharged up to three hundred times, without the battery life being affected in the slightest!

  • Outstanding build quality!

The body of the Streamlight Strion LED Flashlight is built entirely out of aircraft aluminum, while its specially designed lens has been built using the state of the art Borofloat high temperature glass, to make sure that it can take the heat produced while the bulb works at full capacity, without worrying about it melting or breaking!

Streamlight Strion Pros and Cons


  1. One of the brightest and strongest flashlights on the market!
  2. Very compact and easy to carry around with you at all times!
  3. It’s battery will last you very long, even if you use it at its full brightness capacity!
  4. Amazing build quality! The body as well as the lens have been built using the strongest materials!
  5. 3 light intensity modes, plus a strobe mode!
  6. Completely water resistant!
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  1. It’s too small to be used as a melee weapon.
  2. It could use a rubber grip to make the body feel less slippery.

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