Most Powerful Flashlight Can Light the World with 90000 Lumens

Most Powerful Flashlight

Need a light to enlighten mists or a mountainside? Look at the world’s most effective flashlight, made by Daniel Riley of Stratus Productions. By hanging together a progression of intense 100W LEDs, Riley made a ultra-capable 1000W light that puts out an astounding 90000 lumens.

Riley presents his insane light in the 5.5-minute video above.

The flashlight measures 10 pounds, is upheld by a mammoth heatsink for dispersing the warmth from the lights, and is fueled by two batteries that can control the light for around 10 minutes.

The World’s Brightest Flashlight

As you’ll see from the video above, Riley can utilize his creation to light the world in insane routes for both photographs and recordings:


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