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Of all the features of Pelican LED flashlights, there most notable is the durability they offer. This makes their tactical LED flashlights a particular favorite for those that are particularly concerned with dependability. However, they offer great flashlights for all kinds of uses.

Pelican flashlight cases are like no other and are a major part of their appeal. Extremely tough, waterproof and great at keeping out dust, they have provided reliable service from the mountains of Afghanistan to the jungles of Africa. They can withstand accidents and extreme abuse inflicted in tough conditions and close to home.

They also have more safety features than can be found with any other flashlight such as pellets to absorb hydrogen gas accidentally released from battery cells.

With their toughness and reliability, they are covered by an unconditional lifetime guarantee that even covers the LEDs themselves. All this together makes it nearly impossible to go wrong with Pelican LED flashlights.

Please see some of their unique flashlights below:

Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight

Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight

Super lightweight, I absolutely never see it in my pocket and this thing is on me at all circumstances. The brightness is insane. That is all I got the opportunity to state. Exceptionally focused, clear, white focus with a nicely measured external ring. This is an extraordinary light to check something particular, say, getting a readout.. on the other hand possibly in case you’re a repairman. This is the thing for you.

The light is not scattered too well, as you could most likely figure by taking a gander at the extent of the flashlight’s focal point.

Two distinctive yield modes, as the maker has effectively expressed. The dimmer light yield is welcome when taking a gander at something very close as the bright mode will sear your eyes, particularly against a lighter hued foundation.

I have no clue why a few people grumbled about the clasp being too firm and tight; a remarkable inverse, I have an inclination that it could be a smidgen all the more firm. I don’t know what those individuals attempt to extend it over, their fingers?

The batteries that accompanied the light were shockingly terrible and I can perceive any reason why there might grievances about the life span. With the first set, I didn’t draw near to 30 minutes of tolerable yield, not to mention the expressed 2 hours and 45 minutes. Nonetheless, after transforming them out with Duracells, I’ve had no issues and this arrangement of batteries is as yet going solid following half a month and I utilize this light frequently.

The batteries do shake somewhat inside, be that as it may, it’s practically unnoticeable. This wasn’t the situation with the first set by any stretch of the imagination. I am expecting this has inspired more to do with slight varieties of the span of various batteries, than the flashlight itself. Had the producer chose to have less resistances, I would accept this would make the flashlight somewhat heavier and also it would require more material within. No grievances here, however I noticed it.

It’s waterproof which is a gigantic reward as I work on the water. Mind you, this doesn’t mean submersible, there are other Pelican lights for that.

The flashlight is not evaluated shockproof, in any case, I’ve inadvertently dropped mine a couple times from around 4-5ft on metal surfaces and there hasn’t been any harm at all, which is a demonstration of its quality.
Ultra bright 120-lumen yield on high, 12-lumen yield on low

  • High and low pillar mode switch
  • Sort II anodized aluminum body
  • Light yield of 120 Lumens/High, 12 Lumens/Low
  • Controlled By 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries
  • 9 Hour Runtime on Low, 3 Hour Runtime on High

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Pelican 7060 Rechargeable LED light
This flashlight was developed in collaboration between the City of Los Angeles Police Departmentâ„¢ (LAPD)  and Pelican Products to be the standard issue tactical/patrol flashlight for its officers.

The Pelican 7060 LED light features a special dual switch technology that enables the light to be turned on either by a body-mounted patrol switch or a tail-mounted tactical switch. With this dual switching, the user can activate the flashlight when gripping it from several different positions. Its rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries offer maximum brightness and are lighter in weight than standard batteries.

Pelican 8060 LED Flashlight
For those who need full size and full performance, this flashlight offers the punch that is needed with its 13 inches of length. Powered either by a rechargeable NiMH battery pack or 4C cells, it can run longer than any other duty flashlight on the market and can kick out 190 lumens of light for a full six hours. With its durability and grenade grip, it can handle most any situation.

Pelican VB3 LED Clip-on Flashlight
With dual LEDs that turn on simply by flipping the head up and the ability to pivot the head 180 degrees, this light to shine exactly where and when it is needed. The clip is built in and will attach to surfaces up to ? inch think.

Pelican 1930 Yellow L1 LED Flashlight
This light is built to provide a concentrated close quarter beam, and the LED lamp is available in white, red or bluegreen. It comes with convenient neck lanyard and on/off switch that can be easily operated with one hand.

Pelican – Headsup Lite Led Flashlights Light Weight Led Headsuplight: 562-2690
For those situations where the hands need to be kept free, this very lightweight headlamp is a great choice. It is also brighter and more efficient than similar headlamps. Being water resistant and easy to operate even when wearing bulky gloves, it is great for all weather use.

Pelican StealthLite 2410 Recoil LED with Photoluminescent Shroud
With a special shroud that will emit a bright glow even in dark situations when a light is most needed, users of this flashlight will never have to fumble in the dark (the photoluminescent of the shroud absorbs light at other times).

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