Nitecore P30 Flashlight Reviews

Nitecore P30 1000 Lumen 676 Yard Long Throw LED Flashlight with 2x LumenTac CR123A Batteries


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I did an EXTENSIVE measure of research on tactical lights. I Live on 68 sections of land on top of a mountain, with around 40 sections of land of fields. The front fields is just around 4 sections of land in size. My home sits against that field. I was needing a flashlight that could withstand gun pull back, and wasn’t to cumbersome/substantial to mount on one of my AR15s. We’ve had a Coyote issue before, and I needed to have the capacity to illuminate the whole field if there was an issue. This thing FAR EXCEEDED my desires. I have a 10 watt LED spotlight I purchased a year or so prior from Lowes. I’ve generally been significantly awed with it. The thing that took my breath away was that the P30 totally devastated it. The P30 shaft was brighter, more remote, and more extensive than my 10 watt LED Stanley Spotlight. It actually didn’t make any since… I likewise possessed (now past tense) a High Lumen weapon mounted Streamlight that had a 400+ Meter toss. The distinction amongst it and the P30 was ludicrous. I trust that Nitecore has, now, far outperformed Fenix, Streamlight and Thrunite. I wouldn’t prescribe this light as a convey light, being that it’s a substantially more tightly shaft than say a P12GT. The P30 is made to toss. Subsequent to stating that, I purchased a P30 for a cop companion, and he never again convey’s a Streamlight. These things are tough, bring pull back with no issue, light weight, and only level out outlined well. In case you’re searching for an extreme minimal long hurler, this is the ONLY answer…

The Nitecore P30 is a minimized, long-tossing flashlight. Outfitted with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, this capable flashlight is equipped for a super bright 1000 lumens yield and in addition a toss of 676 yards, making it an impeccable spotlight for pursuit operations. The double catch operations make this light simple to utilize while the amazing runtime of up to 17 hours of 70 lumens implies it’ll remain with you to the end. Still sufficiently minimized to hold and portable regular routine, the Nitecore P30 is ideal for tactical, chasing, giving in and look and save.


* Battery Run-Time (Using 18650):
– Turbo: 1000 lumens – 1 hr
– High: 400 lumens – 3 hr
– Mid: 220 lumens – 5 hr
– Low: 70 lumens – 17 hr
– Lower: 1 lumen – 680 hr
* Distance: 676 yards (618m)
* Intensity: 95,500cd
* Battery Type Supported: 1 x 18650 or 2x CR123A
* Dimensions:

– Length: 5.57″ (141.5mm)
– Head breadth: 1.96″ (50mm)
– Tail breadth: 1″ (25.4mm)
* Weight: 5.83oz (165g) (without battery)
* Waterproof: IPX-8 (2m submersible)


* Utilizes a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED
* High productivity steady current circuit gives greatest yield up to 1000 lumens
* Precision Digital Optic Technology (PDOT) guarantees prevalent pillar consistency
* Side switch intended for tactical applications gives simple access to 5 brightness levels and 3 exceptional modes
* Memory work (Excluding SOS and Beacon)
* Built-in power marker reports battery voltage
* Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module consequently conforms brightness as indicated by working temperature to keep up ideal execution
* Electric turn around extremity security
* Aerospace level aluminum compound development
* Titanium plated take cut
* Mineral optic focal point with hostile to intelligent covering
* HAIII hard anodizing
* Impact impervious to 1.5m

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Client Reviews

By David

So far I’m inspired. This light is one extraordinary arrangement for what you get. I have more than a couple genuinely top of the line lights as of now (nitecore, Olight, Klarus, Fenix, and so on.) yet sincerely generally littler edc lights. Surely nothing with a major old honkin head like the P30. This light is a laser shaft. It effortlessly goes more distant than I can discover to test it.

The bar is not quite the same as I’m utilized to since this is my initially committed hurler. The hotspot is genuinely little and staggeringly extraordinary. Indeed, even on the most reduced setting it will go all the way of your normal foyer. There is a usable surge went with the hotspot yet just on the most astounding three settings.

The main light I have tantamount to the P30 would be my Olight M22. They have fundamentally the same as lengths however the P30 is a higher rate head. The head is immense and the handle is genuinely little. The Olight feels considerably more generous. I was extremely suprised how light the P30 feels close by. I would rather hit somebody with the M22 in the event that I needed to yet that is on the grounds that it’s a tactical light. The P30 is a reason manufactured hurler.

This light truly fits a switched hold since the power catch is just on the tail. In the event that you have two hands you can hit the power botton on the back with your random for a run of the mill forward grasp and effectively utilize the mode catch. It is agreeable for me to hold whichever way yet I just wear medium estimated gloves. On the off chance that you have astoundingly extensive hands I’m not very beyond any doubt you could get an agreeable grasp. It won’t tail remain at all and truly wouldn’t make a decent edc light or indoor light. In any case, it will toss a pillar more distant than you can unmistakably observe.

I acquired this light for 65$. There are a lot of other 1000 lumen lights in that value go however completely edc lights. On the off chance that you need a devoted spotlight for around 60$ your alternatives are considerably more constrained. I just know about 1 contender even near this value has an asserted scope of more than 600 meters. That is the reason this light is such a deal. I would state to get one if your primary concern is to have light go truly far for under $100.

By Pat-inCO

Astonishing measure of light, exceptionally all around centered, Nitecore . . . also, that is GOOD! My lone objection is the tail top switch being unprotected. In the event that you go to Nitecore and get a substitution tailcap from, say the P12 ($10 in addition to delivery), you would have an ideal tail switch. My one other “thing” is having the yield level change on a different switch. I incline toward the level change on a similar switch, however can see where there could be points of interest along these lines.

Would LOVE to see a USB revive ability in this one. ;- )

The capacity to go from gigantic yield to truly low yield at the press of one catch is astounding. The multi step yield determination is awesome.


LIKES-Powerful.Very tight bright white hotspot. NITECORE claims it has 90,000 “disc” which is one serious part for a solitary battery flashlight. For the individuals who don’t recognize what that implies, it is light power and the a greater amount of this essentially implies how far the shaft will shoot. I have significantly greater bulkier flashlights that exclusive have 60,000 “compact disc”. It has no less than 1000 lm to illuminate any range adequately. Battery control marker, when you first put in the batteries the mode switch flashes certain number of times telling you what rate of energy is cleared out. Fleeting on capacity which every superior flashlight ordinarily accompany and in addition the other standard features, for example, last mode utilized memory, and 2 catch UI. Any genuine quality flashlight will have at any rate these three features generally. Some won’t not have last memory utilized but rather will dependably turn on at the most astounding setting or have the ability of programming it to your enjoying. I additionally like the way it looks. It would appear that a little mammoth of a flashlight. DONT LIKE-Even however I like the way it looks, it is still too enormous for EDC. Can’t charge the battery inside the flashlight which I’m truly astonished at for being this costly. The back tail catch can be incidentally actuated with the appropriate measure of weight. It doesn’t have that U shape edge around it. Synopsis notwithstanding what I don’t care for about it I am still exceptionally content with it and would prescribe it to anyone searching for a decent flashlight


I LOVE this flashlight! We have 2 sections of land and I couldn’t discover a flashlight that could sparkle to the back property to discover our pooch around evening time and ensure there wasn’t any natural life out there. This has exactly the intended effect. Consummate!

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