Making a LED Flashlight

Making a LED Flashlight

A guide to LED flashlights and how to make one.

Energy saving is one of the most important issues of the world today. For this and other reasons, LEDs or light emitting diode flashlights have started to gain in popularity. They are very cost-efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. Here is a look at how they work, some of their advantages and how to build one.

Compared with the krypton flashlights which use gas and a filament to create light, LED flashlights use electricity flowing across a semiconductor to work. The electrons emitted in this process create electromagnetic radiation  When this electromagnetic radiation takes the form of visible light people can see, a useful light is created. Since this process is much more efficient than using a bulb, LED flashlights are best for those who want to go a long time without changing batteries.

LED flashlights emit bluish white light which makes them appear brighter when compared to the warm yellow light of krypton flashlights. LEDs are much more durable and are not prone to burning out as bulbs that must hold a gas do. This combined with sturdy housings, the fact they produce less heat, and the solid-state nature of semiconductors makes them very reliable and long lasting.

Because LED flashlights are a newer technology and are more expensive to make, they cost a little more than the regular krypton flashlights. Those who wish to save a little money or just want to have some fun can try building a simple model by following these steps:

1. Drill a small hole on the bottom end of an empty plastic breath mint container and a larger hole on the lid of the container. This will serve as the casing for your LED flashlights.

2. Tape three AAA batteries together with the positive sides all facing up. Now, get six pieces of electric wires and cut them to 3 inches. Remove the insulation on both ends of the wires.

3. Attach one end of wire number 1 on the leftmost battery using a soldering iron and do the same at the bottom of the battery with wire number 2. Do the same process with the battery on the rightmost side, soldering wire number 3 on the positive part and wire number 4 on the negative part.

4. Attach the free end of wire number 1 and number 3 on opposite ends of a 27-ohm serial resistor. Attach wire number 5 on the resistor and solder its free end on the contact of the LED Attach wire number 6 on the contact of the LED and solder its free end on to a micro switch. Then attach the free end of wire number 4 also to the micro switch.

5. Place the micro switch of your LED flashlights inside the breath mint box and push it out into a hole at the bottom and insert the LED on the hole on the lid of the breath mint box.

6. Place all the wires and the batteries on the inside of the box and glue the lid into place. Turn on the micro switch and there is one more LED flashlight in the world!

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