Lithium Flashlight VS Alkaline Flashlight

Lithium Flashlight Better Than An Alkaline Flashlight?

Approve, so you’ve chosen to at long last get yourself another flashlight. You’re mindful you have a great deal of decisions to limit. The principal BIG decision is about batteries. This is the thing that shape your first inquiry; is a lithium electric lamp superior to a basic flashlight? All things considered, since this is straight up my rear way… let me endeavor to enable you as much as I to can.

Lithium Flashlight

The Upside of Lithium


All in all, if estimate (all the more particularly length) matters to you, at that point you have far more control over this with a lithium-based light. You can pick one that is as little as 3″ long, or one that measures more than 6″.


Once more, when all is said in done, the lights you see with the higher lumen tallies, will in all likelihood take lithium batteries. This is a direct result of the higher voltage of the lithium cells. Nowadays, you can undoubtedly pick among lights that put out as much as 1000 lumens of light.


Producers tend to put some of their most recent fancy odds and ends into their lithium-based lights. These are frequently where you’ll discover such accommodations as lit up switches and the constantly prevalent variable control ring.

Longer run-time

No one can deny that lithium batteries pack a punch of energy. Along these lines, lithium-based lights dependably have longer run-times.

The Downside of Lithium

Those feared lithium batteries

No, I’m not abruptly doing a “one-eighty” on what I’ve officially brought up just like leverage. Yet, to the extent the normal buyer is concerned… if there ARE any drawbacks to a lithium-based light, it would need to be simply the batteries!

Keeping those suckers charged

Indeed, with a lithium electric lamp, you ARE REQUIRED to purchase a battery charger particularly intended to charge LITHIUM BATTERIES.


Another conceivable hindrance to the normal purchaser, is that lithium batteries are not broadly accessible in stores. As anybody, and I mean anybody, will disclose to you who claims at least one lithium-based electric lamps, you’d be a trick to not buy your batteries on the web. In addition, the ONLY lithium batteries you can purchase in a store are expendable. Rechargeable lithium cells ARE ONLY SOLD ONLINE! A few shoppers have been tricked by Energizer AA-estimate two packs that say “Extreme Lithium” on them. These lithium’s are expendable; and not made to be energized.

Alkaline Flashlight

The Upside of Alkaline

Battery accessibility

This is the ONLY real favorable position of a alkaline-based flashlight. For all intents and purposes everybody in the industrialized world knows that soluble batteries are sold pretty much all around.

Rechargeable likewise accessible

Luckily, the individuals who like to claim an antacid flashlight can likewise be separated of the rechargeable battery blast. AA and AAA estimate Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are accessible in multi-packs everywhere retail outlets. Some of the time, they’re sold with a charger also.

The Downside of Alkaline

Turn around the above

You can generally take every one of the benefits of lithium cells from above, and invert them. This incorporates light brilliance and battery run-time.


Antacid based lights that keep running off of a solitary battery have a tendency to be around 4″ long. The drawback to that, will be that a little one-cell AA light won’t be splendid. To accomplish even the direct brilliance of a lithium light, you’ll require a TWO cell AA soluble light. Estimate shrewd, these are somewhere in the range of 6.5 to 7+ inches long.


So is a lithium electric lamp BETTER than a soluble flashlight? That is for YOU to answer in view of what you’ve perused in this article.

By and by, I suggest lithium. I like having a brighter electric lamp with longer run-times, and there’s a bigger assortment of lights to look over.

On the off chance that you have to find out about the distinction in the batteries themselves, at that point please visit the batteries segment of Lightsngear.

In case you’re prepared to go flashlight shopping, you can analyze models and costs HERE.

Inquiries/remarks? I’m here to address anything you may need to know.



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