The Ultimate LED flashlight: Fenix TK45! Read my review!

Need a good LED flashlight? Then you’ll love the Fenix TK45!

 Fenix TK45 High Performance Flashlight

As we all know,  products of high technology and pretty much all gadgets change with time and they become better and better with each iteration, well it appears that flashlights are not the exception to the rule as some may think!

In fact, due to some recent breakthroughs in technology, flashlights have become better and more powerful than ever before!

I’m talking about the new LED flashlights, of course, that owe their creation to advances made in the revolutionary LED lighting technology! These amazing new flashlights are extremely bright and versatile and that makes them more sought after and useful with each passing day!

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One the most notable things about those new LED flashlights is the fact that they are currently being used by numerous law enforcement and security agencies all over the planet! This is because due to their special design and amazing build quality, policemen and security agents can use them not only to illuminate dark places,  but also as very effective weapons for self defense!

This is because their light is so bright that their users can use it to temporarily blind and disorientate a person attacking them, which can give them precious time to react and make their next move! But should push come to shove, these amazing new best LED flashlights, are also so durable that they can even be used as melee weapons in hand to hand combat situations!

However this doesn’t mean that LED flashlights are not meant for use by us common people! In fact, they can currently be found in millions of households all over the country and the world! The reason for that us that they simply perform better than conventional flashlights and that they are generally easier and cheaper maintain!

Since these flashlights are in such high demand it’s only natural that there will be hundreds of them out there for you to choose from! This can make finding the best one for you seem tricky and confusing! In this review, we will take a detailed look at one of the best LED flashlight models currently available on the market, the Fenix TK45 High Performance Flashlight! Does it really live up to all the hype? Well, keep on reading my led flashlight review and you’ll find out!


Fenix TK45 Overview

The brand new Fenix TK45 High Performance LED flashlight is a trully remarkable product! What makes it stand out from other Fenix flashlight models and flashlights in general, is the fact that instead of just one, it is equipped with three different lighting heads!

This special design not only makes the TK45 High performance look really cool, bu it also allows it to provide you with the highest and most consistent performance possible!

Each of the heads is equipped with a state of the art  Cree XP-5 RD LED light bulb, which can produce light brighter than that of a car’s headlight! When working in full output capacity, the Fenix TK45 can produce a whopping 760 Lumens worth of ultra bright light!

This unique LED flashlight needs eight AA batteries in order to work. It also features three strobe light modes and four levels of light intensity for you to choose from!

Finally, like all high quality Fenix flashlight models, the body of the TK45 LED Flashlight is made using the best and more durable materials available, making it as indestructible as a Terminator! It’s also completely water proof! If you want the Fenix TK45, i highly recommend you buy it through amazon here. It has the cheapest price.

Fenix TK45 Features

  • The Fenix TK45 comes equipped with three separate lighting heads, each equipped with a very powerful and digi


    tally regulated state of the art Cree XP-5 RD LED light bulb!

  • The TK45 Fenix features four light intensity modes and three strobe light function levels for you to choose from!
  • It can produce 760 lumens worth of brightest light on the turbo setting and eight lumens on the lowest!
  • Its beam can projected at a distance of more than 200 meters! down to eight-lumen output on low; 200-meter beam!
  • The batteries of the Fenix TK45 High Performance can last you from two to 232 hours of non stop use, depending on the light intensity mode used!
  • It’s body is made using very durable aircraft-grade aluminum, complete with a type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish and specially designed and ultra-clear lenses, made of high quality toughened glass!
  • Completely water proof!

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Pros and Cons of the Fenix TK45


  1. It features a unique three head design for maximum performance and reliability!
  2. It can produce up to a whopping 760 Lumens worth of light!
  3. It’s made of the most durable materials out there, making it almost indestructible!
  4. It runs on common AA batteries!
  5. It features for light intensity levels and three strobe light modes!
  6. The batteries can last you for more than 200 hours, depending on the use.
  7. Great price on amazon.com! Click here to get it!


  1. It needs eight AA batteries in order to work.
  2. It doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries included in the package.

Where to buy Fenix TK45 from and for how much.

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