The led flashlight of the future: Fenix PD20! Read my review for the brightest flashlight!

Looking for a good pocket LED flashlight? You’ll love the Fenix PD20

Fenix PD22 190 Lumens Flashlight

When someone says the word flashlight, I’m sure your mind conjures the image of a big and bulky device that can provide you with adequate light in the dark, but it’s too big and heavy to carry around with.

Now granted, there are smaller flashlights, even small enough to fit in your pockets or on your key chain, but these tend to be too underpowered and pretty much their only use is to help you find the keyhole when you return home at night. But things have thankfully started to change!

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Some of the new LED Flashlights are extremely powerful while being and compact enough to carry in your pocket! This means that with one of those, you will never find yourself alone in the dark again!But these LED flashlights are not just for people who want to have a bright light in their pocket! They are so powerful that their use has been adopted by numerous law enforcement agencies and security companies all over the world!

They can also be found in pretty much every home on the planet since because of their very bright light output, they come in pretty handy in case of  power cuts that will invariably occur in the middle of the night, as if to mess with you and make you feel like the star of a horror movie! They are also really useful for motorists as well, since they can provide all the light necessary for a good look under the hood in case of a breakdown during the night and the day as well!

In short, there is no excuse for not having a good LED flashlight and this explains why there arejust so many models available out there! This means that finding the best LED flashlight for you might seem a bit tricky, but have no fear, our LED flashlight reviews are here to help! In this one, we will talk in great detail about the new Fenix 6 Level 190 Lumen LED flashlight! Is it as good as many users and reviewers claim? Well, read my review if you want to find out!


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Fenix PD20 Overview

The brand new Fenix PD20 is the latest addition in the very successful and popular series of Fenix pocket LED flashlights! Like all Fenix flashlights, this too will provide you with their trademark high performance and extremely durable and high quality build, what sets it apart though, is its very small size, even for a compact flashlight!

The Fenix 6 level LED flashlight is equipped with state of the art electronics and circuitry, which enable it to produce six different light output modes! There’s the dim setting, the regular setting, the high setting for darker areas and there’s also Turbo mode, which enables it to operate at full capacity and produce 190 lumens of light!

It also has an SOS and a strobe light mode, which will come in handy in case you get into trouble and need to signal for help! As far as battery life is concerned, on the lowest setting the PD20 Six Level will last you for up to 35 hours! The Fenix PD20 is an amzingly compact flashlight with all the functions, features and versatility of a large one! If you’re looking for the perfect pocket LED flashlight, well, look no further!

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Features of the Fenix PD20

  • The Fenix PD20 Six Level LED flashlight is amazingly compact! It measures in at just 3 inches long and weighs just four ounces! In other words, you can carry it around with you at all times, without noticing that it’s there!
  • Despite its small size the PD20 Fenix will provide you with amazing performance! Its lightbeam can be projected up to 135 meters, or 440 feet, away!
  • Who said that small things are delicate and break easily? The Fenix Six Level 190 Lumen LED flashlight is built using exclusively the same aluminum that’s used to build airplanes, one of the most durable materials known to man! This little thing is practically indestructible!
  • Despite its diminutive size, the PD20 is full of cutting edge digital regulating technology, which allows it to provide you with the most consistently bright light beam at all times! It can produce up to a whopping 190 lumens of light!
  • It also features improved knurling on its body in order to provide you with a better grip and make it feel safer while holding it in your hands!

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The Good And The Bad of Fenix PD20

The Good:

  1. Extremely compact and very lightweight, you won’t notice that you’re carrying it!
  2. Full of state of the art technology to ensure maximum performance!
  3. It’s an almost 200 lumen flashlight that can fit in your pocket!
  4. It can project the beam up to 135 meters away!
  5. Built from very durable aircraft-grade aluminum!
  6. Great price on amazon.com! through this link

The Bad:

  1. Batteries not included in the package.
  2. It’s not a rechargeable flashlight.

Where to buy Fenix PD20 from and for how much:

The best place to get the Fenix PD20 6 Level 190 Lumen LED flashlight from is definitely amazon.com! They have the best price for it there, just $56.95 and they will also ship it to your home fast and completely free of charge!

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