What Everybody Ought to Know About led flashlights! Read my LED Lenser 880004 review!

My LED Lenser 880004 LED review: an excellent LED flashlight!

LED Lenser - P7.2 Flashlight

If you are an outdoors enthusiast then you’ll definitely how important it is to always have a good flashlight with you!

Not only will it prove really useful if you plan to venture into dark places such as abandoned buildings and caves, it can also help you see where you’re going should you find your self out at night! In fact, having the right flashlight can actually save your life since its light can also be used to scare off animals and to also signal search and rescue parties in case you happen to have an accident or you get lost!

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All this means that you’ll need a really high powered flashlight with you at all times when you venture into the great outdoors! In that case, your best choice by far is a LED flashlight! These are the brightest flashlight models and most versatile currently available!

They are used by police officers and security agents all over the world because of their very high light output since apart from providing them with a better light in the dark, it can also be used for self defense purposes: it’s so bright that it can temporarily blind and disorientate someone!

Since they are so bright, LED flashlights will help you see way better in the dark and they will be much more effective in case you need to signal for help or attract the attention of search parties! I think that it’s much better to be safe than sorry, wouldn’t you agree?

LED flashlights are very popular and in high demand, which is why there hundreds of models available out there! In order to help you pick the right one for you, we’ll take a detailed at one of the most popular and best selling models, the LED Lenser 880004 LED Flashlight! Let’s see what makes this product so popular!


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LED Lenser - P7.2 Flashlight

LED Lenser 880004 Description:

LED Lenser - P7.2 Flashlight

The LED Lenser P7 LED 880004 is by far one of the most popular and best selling LED flashlight models made by industry leaders LED Lenser! The reason behind this huge success is quite simple, the P7 880004 will provide the user with the perfect combination of small size and light weight and amazing performance!

The LED Lenser 880004 weighs in at just under seven ounces and is only a little longer than five inches, which makes holding and using it feel extremely natural and comfortable! It’s also extremely easy to use! Thanks to its revolutionary design, you will have full control over all its features and functions, right at the tip pf your fingers!

First of all, you can use its unique Dynamic Switch systems to choose between one of the three output settings: Low Power, Power and Boost! When working at full capacity, the Lender 880004 LED flashlight can easily produce 175 lumens worth of brightness!

Then there’s also the specially designed Rapid Focus system, which allows you to effortlessly change the width of the beam produced by the Lenser P7 LED simply by sliding the bezel back and forth with your thumb! Furthermore, the LED Lenser P7 has also been built using a revolutionary modular construction method, in order to make sure that it will last you a life time and that it will never let you down!

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The LED Lenser 880004 LED Flashlight at a glance

  • The LED Lenser 880004 can easily produce a very bright light beam with a maximum brightness level of 175 lumen!
  • Thanks to the one of a kind Dynamic Switch System featured by the Lenser 880004 LED Flashlight, you will be able to effortlessly switch between its operating modes, TBoost, Power, and Low Power, in just an instant!
  • The Lenser 880004 features a Rapid Focus bezel that allows you to expand and contract the light beam, simply by sliding back and forth!
  • Thanks to the revolutionary modular construction method that was used to build the Lenser P7 LED Flashlight, its design features fewer points of contact which dramatically reduces the chance of malfunctions!
  • Amazing battery life! It can right for more than 13 hours on just four 3A type batteries
  • Extremely compact and lightweight, which makes carrying it around feel very easy and comfortable!

Pros and Cons of LED Lenser 880004


  1. With a maximum output of 175 lumens, it’s easily one of the brightest flashlights out there!
  2. Very user friendly due to its compact design and very light weight!
  3. Great battery life! It can run for up to 13 hours using just four 3A batteries!
  4. Thanks to its modular design and construction, it will last you a life time!
  5. Really easy to use since all its functions can be controlled via the Dynamic Switch System!
  6. The width and size of the light beam can be easily adjusted using the special bezel!
  7. Great price on amazon.com! Click here to get it!


  1. It’s not a rechargeable LED flashlight, which means that you’ll have to spend money on batteries.
  2. Not that good as a self defense weapon.

 LED Lenser - P7.2 Flashlight

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