The Ultimate led flashlight is the Fenix TK41! Read my led flashlight review

Need a good LED flashlight? Read my Fenix TK41 review!

Fenix TK41 Flashlight

All high tech products and gadgets change and evolve over time and flashlights are definitely not an exception to that rule!

In fact, due to the latest technological advancements, flashlights have become better and more useful than ever! Enter the new Led flashlights whose creation has been made possible due to the invention and the use of the revolutionary LED lighting technology!

These amazing new flashlights are extremely bright and very versatile which makes them more popular with each passing day!

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One the most important things that you should know about those new LED flashlights is that they are really popular with law enforcement and security agencies all over the world! The reason for this, is their special design and amazing build quality which allow policemen and security officers to use them to see better in the dark, or even as highly effective self defense weapons!

That’s right, they can be used as weapons: their light is so bright that it can easily be used to temporarily blind an attacker, thus providing the user with an edge in hand to hand combat or a chance to make an escape. These amazing new LED flashlights, like I mentioned above, are also so well built and durable that they can even be used as weapons for melee combat!

That is not to say that LED flashlights are not meant to be used by us common folk! In fact, they are currently being used way more than traditional flashlights  in households all over the country and the world, mainly because of their better performance and the fact that maintaining them is very cheap!

Since the demand for these flashlights is so great, it’s only natural that there will be hundreds of models out there for you to choose from! This can make finding the right one for you really tricky some times, since quantity doesn’t always signify quantity! But have no fear! We are here to help you!

In this review, we will take an in depth look at one of the best LED flashlight models currently available on the market, the Fenix TK41 Flashlight! Is it really as awesone as so many reviewers and users alike claim? Well, keep on reading my review and you’ll find out!


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Fenix TK41 Description:

The brand new Fenix TK41 is a very high powered and versatile LED flashlight which can be used in a very wide variety of activities, since it’s powered by simple AA batteries! It also features four levels of light ouput intensity that you can easily switch between, by using the revolutionary dual switch control system that is very conveniently located on the side of its body!

Furthermore, the TK41 Fenix is equipped with a state of the art XM-L LED light bulb which allows it to produce up to 800 lumens worth of light! The light bulb will also last you up to 50,000 hours before you’ll have to replace it!

The most amazing thing about the TK41 tough, is the fact that it has managed to fit all those features and functions in a very compact and lightweight “package”, making it the best choice for people who love outdoors activities and exploration, as well as police officers and people working in the security industry in general!


The Fenix TK41 flashlight at a glance

  • Extremely bright: The TK41 LED Flashlight is equipped with a state of the art XM-L LED light bulb which allows it to output 800 lumens worth of light intensity! Combine that with its cutting edge digital regulation circuits, and you’ll always get the brightest and most consistent light beam possible!
  • Very versatile: The Fenix TK41 features four light intensity modes (low, mid, high and turbo) allowing you to choose the one best suited to your current needs, in order to maximize its battery life! It also features two flashing modes: Strobe mode, which can be used to disorientate attackers and SOS mode!
  • Build to last and perform: The body of the Fenix TK41 Flashlight is made entirely using the same aluminum used in airplane construction and it’s even coated with hard anodized finish! This means that only is it virtually indestructible, it will also always look as good as the day you took it out of its box! Furthermore, the lens is built from extremely durable toughened glass, that is also equipped with a one of a kind anti-reflective coating that will help maximize its brightness output and the overall intensity of the light beam! It’s also completely waterproof!
  • Easy to use: Thanks to its revolutionary dual switch control system, you’ll have all of its functions and features at the tip of your finger!

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The Good and The Bad of Fenix TK41

The Good:

  1. Extremely bright! It can easily produce up to a whopping 800 lumens worth of light intensity!
  2. Very simple and easy to use!
  3. Very versatile: it comes 4 light intensity levels and even 2 flash modes!
  4. Excellent build quality!
  5. Very compact and lightweight!
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The Bad:

  1. It needs 8AA batteries to work, so you should invest in a set of rechargeable ones ASAP.
  2. A bit on the pricey side.

Where to buy Fenix TK41 from and for how much.

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