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My Fenix TK11 review: an excellent tactical flashlight!

 Fenix 258 Lumen LED Flashlight

Flashlights are definitely not something new, in fact they have been around since for ever, which is exactly why they are one of the tools that one can come across in pretty much every house hold, car or garage in any place in the world!

The reason for that is quite obvious: in case of an emergency such as a power cut, which can be pretty bad and common in areas with bad weather or antiquated power supply networks, they can be the only effective and safe light source available!

They are also pretty useful for all drivers as well, since their light can be used to see what’s wrong with the car in case it breaks down at night and to signal other cars for help if necessary!

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But that doesn’t mean that led flashlights are for home use only! Just take a look at all the security agents or police officers that you happen to come across some day, you will notice that they all have something on common: each of them carries a cool looking flashlight!

This is because it is now mandatory for all people working in law enforcement and security in general to have LED flashlights as part of their kit or uniform! You see, not only will a LED flashlight provide them with light should they have to investigate something in a dark place, but it can also be used to help them protect themselves from attacks!

The light produced by modern LED flashlights is so powerful that it can be used to blind or disorientate an opponent,simply by directing the beam to their face or head! Most of them are also so durable, that they can also be used as weapons for melee attacks and close quarters combat!

As you can probably tell, it’s clear that pretty much everyone needs to have a good and bright flashlight, and this is the reason why LED flashlights are so sought after nowadyas as well as why why the market seems to be flooded with them! Finding the best LED flashlight for you is very important especially if you are a professional and it is one of the “tools of your trade”!

This is why in this review, we’ll take a very in depth look an one of the best LED flashlights that you can now find on the market, the brand new Fenix TK11 285 Lumens LED Tactical Flashlight! Is it actually so good as all those glowing flashlight reviews claim? Well, read my review and you’ll find out!


Fenix TK11 Overview

The brand new Fenix TK11 High Performance Tactical LED Flashlight has been specially designed to provide you with the best performance in the smallest “package”! Like all high quality Fenix flashlights it’s extremely durable and completely water proof, making it ideal for use by outdoor activities enthusiasts, as well as police and military officers!

The TK11 High Performance can easily produce an ultra bright beam consisting of 285 lumens of constant light intensity! Furthermore the Fenix TK11 is also equipped with the latest and cutting electronics in order to always provide you with the maximum level of brightness possible, without using too much of the power provided by the batteries!

The body of the TK11 Fenix is has been entirely using high quality aluminium that’s also used build airplanes and it also features a specially designed Black Type III hard anodized finish that will keep it looking as good as new! It can be powered by either a 18650 lithium-ion battery or two CR123A lithium batteries!

Finally, it’s also water proof according to IPX8 standards, and included in the package you will find  a holster, a Tactical body clip, a lanyard, spare o-rings, and a rubber switch boot! Simply put, it’s one of the best led flashlights money can buy!


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Fenix TK11 Features

  • Very compact and lightweight!

The Fenix TK11 is only six inches long and weighs just sic ounces, making it one of the most easily portable Tactical LED flashlight models currently on the market!

  • Build to last!

The Body of the TK11 Fenix Tactical Flashlight, is made entirely out of the same aluminum used to build airplanes! It also features a type III anti abrasive coating, which will ensure that it always look as good as the day you opened its package! Combine these features with the fact that this flashlight is also completely waterproof and you have one of the most durable and well build products on the market right now!

  • Amazing performance!

The TK11 is equipped with electronically regulated and state of the art CREE LED light bulbs! These not only allow it to produce 285 lumens worth of light, they also have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours of use!

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Fenix TK11 Pros and Cons:


  1. Really compact and very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.
  2. Amazing performance and very bright light!
  3. It’s virtually indestructible!
  4. Works with common batteries, as well as rechargeable ones.
  5. State of the art electronically controlled circuitry and LED bulbs!
  6. Two light output modes!
  7. Many cool accessories included in the package!
  8. Really great price an Click here to get it!


  1. Batteries not included in the package.
  2. No strobe function.

Where to buy Fenix TK11 from and for how much.

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