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Fenix PD31 Limited Edition Flashlight

Let’s face it, nobody likes to be alone in the dark! It has nothing to be with bravery or lack there of, and everything to do with the fact that the dark is dangerous!

Granted, it’s not like ghosts or vampires will attack you or something like that, but the simple fact that you can’t see where you’re going and that other can’t see you coming, is also very dangerous!

This is why flashlights are so popular and why pretty much there is no home on the planet without at least one!

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Flashlights are also valuable tools for certain people, such as police officers and people working for security companies! These people have to enter or patrol dark areas and buildings in which criminals could easily be hiding,  on a daily basis! Having the brightest flashlight is essential to those people, which is why the LED Flashlights were invented!

Thanks to their very bright light beams, the LED flashlights have become their most popularity flashlights nowadays! Civilians love them because they are very bright and effective light sources and people working for law enforcement agencies all over the world love them because they can also be very effectively used for self defense! Their bright light will easily disorientate or even temporarily blind an assailant, thus allowing the user more time to react to the threat!

In this flashlight review, we will take a very detailed look at the brand new Fenix PD31 Limited Edition Flashlight! Many led flashlight reviews claim that it is one of the best and brightest LED flashlights currently on the market! Are they right? Well, keep on reading my detailed review and you’ll find out!


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What is the Fenix PD31 LED flashlight?

Made by industry leaders Fenix, the Fenix PD31 LED Flashlight is very compact and yet extremely powerful and it can be used very effectively in a wide variety of applications!

Thanks to its rugged and durable design it will work perfectly and without any risk of malfunction even during the harshest weather conditions such as extreme cold and heavy rain, making it ideal for people who spend a lot of their time outdoors, such as hunters, hikers and of course police officers and security agents!

The Fenix PD 31 is also extremely versatile since it features two flashing modes and four different light intensity levels for you to choose from! Furthermore, it will also provide you with amazingly long battery life since it can run for up to 200 hours on just a couple of common 3V lithium batteries! With two flashing modes and four brightness levels, Fenix PD31 can run up to 200 hours on two 3V lithium batteries.

Finally, it’s been made using exclusively the same aluminum that’s used to build airplanes, which means that it’s extremely durable and virtually indestructible! If you are looking for a good LED flashlight, then the PD31 LED Fenix is definitely your best possible choice!


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What are Fenix PD31′s most important features?

  • The Fenix PD31 LED Flashlight is equipped with a state of the art digitally regulated lighting circuit, which means that its light beam will always be as bright and consistent as possible!
  • Thanks to the reverse polarity protection system that the PD31 LED is equipped with, you will never have to worry about installing the batteries the wrong way, which will come in really handy if you ever have to do it in the dark or while being in a big hurry!
  • The Fenix PD31 Limited Edition allows you to select one of four different light beam intensity and brightness levels according to your needs, in order to make your batteries last as long as possible!
  • The PD31 Fenix is completely made of extremely durable aircraft-grade aluminum, making it virtually indestructible!
  • Thanks to its hard-anodized and anti-abrasive finish, not only will the Fenix PD31 last you a lifetime, but it will always look as good as the day you bought it!
  • It’s completely water proof and it can withstand all shocks, making it great for outdoors use, even during the most harsh weather conditions that you can imagine!

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What are the Pros and Cons of Fenix PD31?


  1. Thanks to its state of the art digital circuitry you will always a consistently bright light beam!
  2. It’s been built using the most durable materials on the market!
  3. It’s great for outdoor use since it’s completely water proof ans shock proof!
  4. Amazing battery life! It can work for up to 200 hours on just a couple of 3V lithium batteries!
  5. It has four light intensity modes, allowing to maximize the battery life!
  6. Two flash modes, which will come in really handy if you want to signal for help or for any other reason!
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  1. Although its compatible with rechargeable batteries, they are not included in the package.
  2. Some people may find it a bit expensive.

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