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Are you a policeman?The Fenix TK35 is the perfect LED flashlight for you!Fenix TK35 is the perfect LED flashlight


If you pay attention at security agents and police officers nowadays, then you will definitely notice that they all seem to have one thing in common: they are always carrying a cool looking flashlight with them!

The reason for this is very simple: flashlights are now essential and in some times mandatory part of their equipment or kit! First of all they will need to use the light to see if they have to investigate something in a dark place or if they are guarding or patrolling badly lit areas!

But that’s not the only reason they are so essential: thanks to their extremely bright light beams, the latest LED flashlights, can also be used as weapons for self defense! Their lights are so bright and powerful that they can easily be used to blind or disorientate an attacker!

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But LED flashlights are not suitable only for those working for law enforcement agencies and security agencies in general, they can also be really for us “civilians”, as well! First of all, as I mentioned earlier they are extremely bright, which means that they are just perfect to keep handy around the house in case there is an unexpected power failure in the middle of the night!

They are also really useful for people who spend a lot of time on the road as well, since they can help you see what’s wrong with your car and fix it, in case it breaks down in the middle of the night, or help you  get the attention of other passing cars and in order to get some help!

In other words, I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone needs to have a good and bright flashlight, which is why LED flashlights have become extremely popular these last few years and why there are hundreds of models available on the market right now!

Finding the best flashlight for you is very important, especially if you are a police or security officer since it’s one of the tools of your trade! This is why in this review, we’ll talk in detail about one of the best LED flashlights that you can currently get your hands on, the brand new Fenix TK35 High Performance 820 Lumen LED Flashlight!


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Fenix TK35 is the perfect LED flashlight

Fenix TK35 Overview:

Do you think that despite the fact that most LED flashlights claim to be “the most powerful flashlight ever, they are actually pretty underpowered? Well then, the brand new Fenix TK35 is here for you! Thanks to its state of the art and super efficient Cree XM-L LED lght bulb, it will provide you with a maximum brightness level of a whopping 820 lumens! It will almost turn night and complete darkness, into day for you!

But that’s not all, like all Fenix products, the TK35 High performance has been built using the strongest and most advanced materials out there in order to last you a life time! It also features the same versatility and ease of use that Fenix flashlights are famous all over the world for! It allows you to easily choose between four light intensity settings in order to maximize its battery life, easily thanks to its specially designed switch system!

The Fenix TK35 High Performance is also equipped with two strobe light functions and a signaling function, that are also easily accessible through its intuitive control system! If you are looking for a powerful yet versatile and easy to use LED flashlight, then this is definitely the one for you!


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A more detailed look at the features of the Fenix TK35:

  • State of the art digitally regulated output!

Thanks to the fact that the Fenix TK35 is equipped with cutting edge digital circuitry, it will always provide you with a consistently bright light beam, regardless of intensity level!

  • Reverse polarity protection system!

Thanks to its specially designed battery installation system, you will never have to worry about putting the batteries in the Fenix TK35 the wrong way and risk damaging it! This feature will come in pretty handy if you ever have to change batteries in the dark or if you are at a great hurry!

  • Easy to use switch system!

A revolutionary dual switch control system is located on the tail cap of the Fenix TK35 Flashlight for maximum convenience! This system will allow you to instantly control all of its many features and functions!

  • Amazing build quality!

The body of the Fenix TK35 High Performance 820 Lumen LED Flashlight has been built using the same aluminum used in airplane construction, complete with a type III hard anodized coating! This means that only is it extremely durable, it will always look as good as new, also! Furthermore, the lens has been made using extremely durable toughened glass! It also features a unique anti-reflective coating that will maximize its brightness output and light beam intensity!

  • Cool accessories included!

Inside the package you will find, among other things, a lanyard, a specially designed holster, and even a spare o-ring for the Fenix TK35!

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Pros and Cons of Fenix TK35


  1. It can produce a whopping 820 lumens of brightness!
  2. Very easy to use!
  3. Very versatile: it has 4 light intensity levels and 2 flash modes!
  4. Excellent build quality!
  5. Great battery life!
  6. Many cool accessories are included in the package!
  7. Great price on! Click here to get it!


  1. It doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries.
  2. A bit on the price side.

Where to buy Fenix TK35 from and for how much:

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