Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern Review

Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern


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Total must have, exceptionally modest to purchase two off. Little in size however magnificent in light. Takes just 3 AA batteries a piece and lights up enough to peruse or work by. Lightweight and I like the plan. My photo is one of these in an obscured room during the evening with a moment picture of only a general light so you can see the distinction. Photograph was taken without blaze around 10 feet away and you can perceive that it is so natural to see things and so forth.

Splendid Energy Efficient

Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern with 6 AA Batteries

Illuminate the night sky with Etekcity ” s Portable Outdoor LED Lantern. It highlights an omni-directional outline and 30 vitality sparing LED globules, yielding 360 level of high-power, enduring illuminance. The low power utilization permits you to keep the lamp a gleam in standard brightness for up to 12 hours. At the point when the battery energy of the lamp runs low, the brightness will diminish to a vitality sparing mode to give longer enduring brightening (up to 4 hours of low power use)

Military Grade Reliability

Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern with 6 AA Batteries

The light is collapsible and convenient, offering you accommodation when you require it most. It is intended for simple stockpiling, promising unwavering quality should you require it for crises, for example, a power blackout. The lamp additionally has a lightweight, sturdy form for any open air enterprise you may go on, delivered from military review plastic. The trusty foldaway handles permit you to convey the light by hand effortlessly, or suspend it above to brighten up your campground. Else, it can be set soundly on any level surface.


Utilizes white-light discharging diodes radiating high force white light
Omni directional 360 degree light discharging plan
30 low-current expending, yet bright and solid LEDs intended to spare battery life and drag out utilization Over 12 Hours of consistent operation (Depends on mAh rating of battery utilized. Brightness will reduce after some time)
10 YEARS WARRANTY included by Etekcity


Lumen: 60LM
Item Weight: 9.14 oz
Battery: 6 AA 1.5 V batteries
4.9″ X 3.5″ (When completely caved in and handles set on either sides)
7.3″ X 3.5″ (Fully extended and handles set on either sides)
10″ X 3.5″ (Fully extended and handles in upright position)

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Client Reviews

By Riis

I need to concede that I was somewhat worried that these lights were unrealistic. I needed non-gas lighting for our up and coming outdoors trip and these came high,y prescribed. So I did my exploration. Despite the fact that I’m exceptionally specific about perusing audits, I didn’t need my desires to be unlikely. Most likely these collapsible lamps couldn’t deliver the measure of light guaranteed, isn’t that so? Off-base! These are little powerhouse lights! They are super bright and effectively lit up the total of a pitch dark room. The way that you get two lights at this cost feels like a take. I couldn’t be more joyful with this buy. They’re not massive or as tall as a standard gas lamp. I’ve incorporated a photograph beside a move of paper towels for scale.

By Powered by Coffee and Wine

We acquired this set in expectation for Hurrican Joaquin. We live in NJ and after we were embarrassingly caught off guard for Sandy,and we needed to be set up for a power blackout. We have an infant and sufficient light sources are an unquestionable requirement. Luckily it went out to see and we didn’t have any power blackouts. I tried these out, to ensure I didn’t need to purchase whatever else on the off chance that we get another late season storm.

What’s incredible:

– Batteries included!
– minimized
– Easy to utilize
– Extremely bright light – With every one of the lights out one of these gave exceptionally adequate light. I would have the capacity to change a diaper and other child related undertakings in case of a power blackout.
– LED globules – vitality productive

I can’t address the battery life, yet my involvement with LED is that they do keep going quite a while. They take AA batteries, which everybody has and in the event that you have children with toys, you most likely stock these in mass in your home.

I unquestionably prescribe these for anybody that is into outdoors, needs to be set up if there should arise an occurrence of a power blackout, or has children (I envision these lights would be epic in a play fortification!)

Imperative to note… I purchased these, the maximum – No pay for my survey at all.

By Isaac

Not as i anticipated that it would be,came in a little box and i thought at first this is an oversight. Should give back this item,but when i opened it and turned it on…i was flabbergasted how bright it was and that it accompanied its own batteries. Awesome thing at the cost and will prove to be useful for any power outage.will abandon one in the auto.

By Lonnie Juli

Heaps of light. No flame bothers with warmth or glass or upkeep. Ensures the focal point when shut. Long life. Awesome light source.

By Laura Martin

This 2 pack of lights makes a magnificent present for any outdoorsman! I am inspired with the nature of these. They feel so solid. The external packaging of the lights is metal, exceptionally pleasant. These touched base with a full arrangement of batteries as of now introduced in every light! It’s thise little subtle elements that have such an effect. They arrive prepared to utilize!

To turn on the light simply take them metal handles, haul them out/up, andpull upward. The lamp opens and the light turns on consequently. I cherish that the brightness of the lamp can illuminate a whole room. To kill the light simply shut the lamp. These future amazing amid a power blackout or for use outside cooking or notwithstanding taking a shot at the auto. You can’t turn out badly purchasing these!

By E. Passage

This is an awesome item. The lamps put out a considerable measure of light. I utilized them in our outside lounge room and the lights even are valuable for that alongside outdoors. They work on AA batteries and the batteries are incorporated. When I got the 2 lamps one didn’t work. The arrival procedure was the simple. I just printed the name place in the container and the organization delivered it at NO COST to me. I got the substitution speedy. Brilliant organization and superb item.

By B. Taylor

At this cost, subsequent to perusing surveys I purchased two of the 2-packs. Conveyance was extremely instant. I was astounded to find that they accompany great name-mark batteries, which brings the successful cost of the lights even lower. I can’t remark on strength yet, obviously, however the lights have all the earmarks of being great made, and they put out a huge amount of light for their size! You can have less light on the off chance that you need – by just not raising the light to its full tallness. I’m back to get two more since will put one of these in each of my auto survival packs on the grounds that the lights have a few focal points over the flashlights I as of now have. You could set this alongside you while you change a tire oblivious, for example, convey it forward and backward to the storage compartment, and so on., and have all the light you require.

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