BrightMAX 3000 Tactical Military Flashlight Reviews

brightmax 3000 reviews

BrightMAX 3000 Review

The BrightMAX 3000 is another “military-review” tactical flashlight that guarantees to guard you from residential psychological warfare. Here’s our audit of how it may be not quite the same as the prominent G700 flashlight.

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What is the BrightMAX 3000?

BrightMAX 3000 is an as of late discharged flashlight accessible through a 80% markdown offer on the web. The flashlight has showed up in ads where it guarantees to help you feel more secure in your own home and shield yourself from household psychological warfare.

The flashlight likewise makes some striking cases about its advantages, including:

– 100 circumstances brighter blaze than a normal cell phone camera streak
– Military review
– Used by the US Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, and crisis benefits crosswise over America

The lights are valued at about $40 on the web. That is their typical retail cost – so don’t fall for the entire “75% to 80% off” offers you see on the web. Everyone gets that markdown.

BrightMAX 3000 Features

The BrightMAX 3000 accompanies the greater part of the accompanying elements:

– 5 Modes: High, Medium, Low, SOS, and Strobe
– Telescoping Focus: x1, x250, x500, x1000, x2000
– “Air ship review aluminum”
– 100,000 hours light life
– Beveled edge “for self protection”
– Cree XM-L T6 Bulb
– 3000 lumens
– Runs on 3 AAA batteries

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Is It Actually Used by Military Forces?

The BrightMAX 3000 cases to be military review and it additionally claims to be utilized by US military faculty much like the Shadowhawk flashlight.

All things considered, that last point is a smidgen foggy. The maker of BrightMAX 3000 doesn’t expressly say that the flashlight is utilized by our military powers. Rather, this is what they say in the official item portrayal:

“This current light’s amazing LED innovation is utilized by the U.S. Naval force Seals, the Coast Guard, Firemen, Policemen, U.S. Hunt and Rescue and now it’s been set within an astounding Flashlight called the BrightMAX 3000.”

There’s a major contrast between saying the flashlight is utilized by military staff and saying the flashlight’s LED innovation is utilized by military faculty.

Essentially, every one of that implies is that military powers utilize LED innovation. So does Samsung, Apple, and NASA. Everybody utilizes LED innovation.

There’s definitely no confirmation that this flashlight can be found on the military work force, cops, or whatever other crisis administrations.

Be that as it may, It’s Military Grade, Right?

At the point when an item calls itself, “military review”, it doesn’t mean as much as you think.
Fundamentally, any item can call itself military review without experiencing any kind of affirmation process.
As said over, there’s no confirmation that the flashlight is utilized by any military powers on the planet today.

Would it be able to be military review? Perhaps. Yet, since it’s not effectively utilized by any military strengths right now, it’s not truly military review.

Shouldn’t something be said about the Aircraft Grade Aluminum?

Airplane review aluminum is another component that is somewhat of a misnomer.

Airplane makers utilize an aluminum composite calls 6061 aluminum combination. The amalgam has been around since 1935 and is made for the most part from aluminum (96% to 98.5%) alongside a modest bunch of different metals, including silicon, press, copper, manganese, magnesium, chromium, zinc, and titanium.

The amalgam is solid however adaptable. You can likewise tweak the combination to address distinctive issues. By warmth treating the material, you can change the elasticity from as meager as 18,000 psi to as much as 42,000 psi.

A similar aluminum amalgam used to make tactical flashlights (the fundamental 6061 combination) is likewise used to make things like:

– Aluminum jars (like the ones utilized for sustenance and brew)
– Scuba tanks
– Bicycle outlines
– Fly angling reels

When you say that a flashlight has a similar aluminum that you find in “aluminum jars”, it doesn’t sound as favor as saying “airplane review aluminum”.

In any case, the aluminum in the BrightMAX 3000 appears to be of an abnormal state of value. On the off chance that the compound is really the combination that it cases to be, then the flashlight ought to endure a lot of wear and tear.

It’s additionally intriguing to note that under the rundown of things made utilizing the 6061 aluminum composite, somebody has as of late included “tactical flashlights” to the rundown on Wikipedia. That alter wasn’t put as of not long ago – with the extensive variety of comparative flashlights that have abruptly showed up available, it appears to be one maker chose to tell Wikipedia.

Will I Use It For Self Defense?

One of the key components of the BrightMAX 3000 is the way that you can utilize it for self-protection. The maker intensely publicizes the way that you can battle off fear based oppressors (truly) or robbers with it.

The mystery self-protection control behind the BrightMAX 3000 (beside its bright light) is the angled edge.
That sloped edge is only an edge encompassing the tip of the flashlight.

The issue is that the flashlight does not seem, by all accounts, to be significantly substantial: it’s produced using aluminum, not lead. So despite everything will need to swing it really difficult to bring about any kind of harm.

In the event that an aggressor is so near you that you’re ready to swing a flashlight at his or her head, then you’re most likely not going to win a battle if the assailant has a genuine weapon.

In view of that, the most ideal approach to utilize the BrightMAX 3000 for self-preservation is to sparkle its bright light.

BrightMAX 3000 Pricing

The BrightMAX 3000, in the same way as other comparable flashlights available today, is accessible through an offer publicized as being 75% or 80% off.

Actually, there’s no conceivable approach to arrange the flashlight at its assumed “normal” cost. The 75% or 80% off cost is the main value you see online – so don’t be tricked into supposing you’re getting some ludicrous markdown.

In light of that, here are the two evaluating offers accessible for the BrightMAX 3000 flashlight:

– 1 BrightMAX Light: $49.95
– 2 BrightMAX Lights: $89.95

You can pay utilizing PayPal or any real Mastercard at the website’s protected online frame. Transportation is incorporated anyplace in America.

Who Makes BrightMAX 3000?

BrightMAX 3000 is made by an organization named Survival Giant. That organization records its address as:

PO Box 872
Beebe, AR 72012

You can contact the organization without toll at 800-759-4904. offers an assortment of survivalist-arranged materials, including storable sustenance supplies, shirts, and survival packs.

At last, the BrightMAX 3000 isn’t an awful flashlight: however it’s not exactly on a par with the notices guarantee either. It’s not really military-review, since it’s not utilized by any military strengths on the planet today. It’s likewise not accessible through some astounding 80% offer, since everyone understands that rebate and the alleged “customary cost” of $200 can’t be discovered on the web. All things considered, it shines a bright light and it has more weight to it than the normal flashlight, which could make it a satisfactory self-preservation apparatus.

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