Best Streamlight LED Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Best Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews

Streamlight LED flashlights offer many great designs and features that have made them a popular choice in over 40 countries around the world. With unique technology and special lightweight designs, they can be found in the hands in professionals and amateurs alike.
A less intensive beam has always been the only real disadvantage of LED flashlights, but Streamlight’s C4 Photonic Crystal technology addresses this. It nearly triples the brightness of its LED flashlights so that they can offer a piercing beam that can light up almost any situation. At last, there is a way to have the long-lasting, efficient durability of LED lighting with the kind of brightness found in incandescent bulbs.

For those who still want incandescent lighting for some situation, Streamlight also offers the best LED/incandescent hybrids found anywhere.

Streamlight is also known for the customer research it puts into its flashlight designs. It carries out extensive field research and carefully incorporates customer feedback into the design of its LED and other flashlights.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company that backs up its flashlights with a lifetime warrantee which covers virtually everything apart from batteries and deliberate abuse, those purchasing Streamlight LED flashlights can rest assured they are getting precision-engineered quality that will last.

Streamlight 66134 Stylus Pro

Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight

One of the best flashlights I have ever owed. I convey it with me day by day at work. I utilize it every day and charge it day by day yet charging it day by day appears pointless excess. The battery has never passed on me. I have been utilizing this flashlight for about a year now. Its been dropped too often to number despite everything it illuminates a room. I can’t state how fulfilled I am with the light. My exclusive protest (everybody needs to have one…) is that the clasp on pocket holder/belt clasp can fly off the flashlight making you lose the flashlight or simply the clasp. Both have transpired however both circumstances I wound up finding both pieces. I cherish this light!

Including C4 LED innovation for outrageous shine and impenetrable to stun with a 30,000 hour lifetime, the Stylus Pro USB produces 70 lumens, 630 candela, and runs 3.5 hours with a 50-meter shaft separate. The charge marker lights red when charging and green when completely charged. Yield is completely managed for predictable lumen execution over the battery life.


• Fully directed yield for reliable lumen execution over the battery life
• Lithium particle battery completely revives in-item in 2.5 hours; rechargeable up to 300 circumstances
• Charge sign LED: LED Red – Charging; LED Green – Charged
• C4 LED (white): 70 lumens; 630 candela; runs 3.5 hours
• Fully managed yield for steady lumen execution over the battery life
• Lithium particle battery completely energizes in-item in 2.5 hours; rechargeable up to 300 circumstances
A smooth, minimal, USB rechargeable pen light. Permits you the adaptability of charging in a hurry utilizing the USB line or the reduced AC divider connector.

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Streamlight 74751 Strion LED High Lumen Flashlight

Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight

This is one of best strategic drove light you can get.500 lumes.I was taking a gander at the Surefire.This is better and less $$
You can utilize it as a weapon light as it is made to deal with the force of a 12 gauge.It is a blinding light ever without trying to hide.
It will illuminate a football field during the evening and it’s rechargeable.It is justified regardless of each penny.Streamlight additionally backs the stuff 100%.
This is the fourth Streamlight light I have purchased.I had a little issue with one of my pen lights and they swapped it for free.This is an awesome light for law implementation as well.Small,lightweight and exceptionally powerful.I am astonished that you get this much power from a little light.Technology has made some amazing progress in Led lights. This light could spare your life.Well worth the cost.

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When you require most extreme light with a wide pillar to look an extensive region the Strion LED HL rechargeable, high-lumen flashlight gives an impact of 500 lumens with 200 meters of shaft distance.Ultra conservative and capable, the Strion LED HL rechargeable flashlight offers 3 chip controlled variable force modes, strobe mode and the most recent in high power LED innovation. The mix of rechargeable batteries and the high power C4 LED brings about one of the most minimal working expenses of any flashlight made.

Item Features:

•    C4 LED innovation for extraordinary shine
•    Anti-move head keeps the Strion LED set up when you set it down
•    Durable anodized aluminum development
•    Knurled body for a beyond any doubt grasp
•    Borofloat high temperature glass focal point
•    Light Source impenetrable to stun with a 50,000 hour lifetime
•    Deep-dish illustrative reflector delivers a concentrated shaft with ideal fringe enlightenment
•    Regulated run time gives reliable execution for the duration of battery life
•    IPX4 evaluated configuration; water safe operation
•    2 meter affect resistance tried
•    Serialized for positive distinguishing proof

Light Output:

•    High for a super-brilliant shaft (run time 60 minutes)
•    Medium for brilliant light and longer run circumstances (2 hours)
•    Low for light without glare and expanded run times (3.5 hours)
•    Strobe for bewildering or flagging your area (run time 2.5 hours)


Multi-work, push-catch strategic tailswitch. One-gave operation of transient, variable force or strobe mode.

Battery and Charging

•    Lithium Ion battery with on-load up security control circuit is rechargeable up to 1000 circumstances
•    Fits existing Strion chargers
•    Clamp style accuse holder of advanced control circuit averts cheat
•    Included charger completely energizes battery in 3 hours and charges battery in item
•    Charge base LED sign: LED Steady – Charging; LED Blinking – Charged

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Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED High Lumen Flashlight

Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight

This light is great. The lumens are far all that anyone could need. I have a few littler strategic lights some brighter. I’ve never utilized 500 lumens and said man I wish I had more lumens. I have said I wish I had more toss. This light gives. Without losing ANY surge contrasted with a 700 lumen strategic light this light gives you a much brighter problem area which works awesome for blidning and seeing further. I’ve dismissed the candela rating on ANSI graphs for a considerable length of time and now I see what they are really going after. Despite the fact that this light is 60 lumens not as much as my littler light it looks 500 lumens brighter from a separation. On the off chance that you hold them up to the divider alongside each other on high the stinger problem area with emerge on top of the littler light. (2 littler Tac lights will wash each other out)

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NiMH battery appears like a drawback however in actuality its not. I’ve been utilizing lithium particle 18650 in my different lights and it is elusive a solid organization that makes them. The NiMH has a long accuse time of a large portion of these chargers. 10 hours. They do have the quick charge ones so that cures that. I settled on the piggyback however on the grounds that I needed 2 batteries to charge in the meantime and I’ll be charging this light for work when I have 2-3 days off on a line so charge time won’t generally be an issue. In addition from what I recall about more seasoned battery innovation is moderate is better forever.

The DS model is certainly s in addition to. I was vacillating however happy I got it. It won’t ve my essential switch of utilization yet in a high anxiety quick paced circumstance the tailcap will be much less demanding to use than searching for the side switch. Likewise, it doesn’t feel unbalanced to utilize like I thought it would. The light is all around adjusted and doest feel front substantial.

The counter move ring is pleasant and looks entirely cool. Simply elastic. With the DS the counter move ring doesn’t function admirably on the tip of the light with a holster. The ring can go down further yet covers one of the warmth adjust and I didn’t that way.

Ipx4… Superior to nothing. Wish it were ipx7. On the other hand I never utilized that “element” on different lights and I’m certain a fast shower won’t destroy anything.

This is my first streamlight flashlight and the quality is similarly in the same class as the attack lamp I have which is astounding. I wish I purchased this quite a while back as opposed to squandering so much cash approaching for s great littler brighter light.

When you require greatest brightening with a wide shaft to look an extensive range, the Stinger DS LED HL rechargeable, high lumen flashlight gives an impact of 640 lumens with 297 meters of pillar separation. 6000 arrangement machined flying machine aluminum with non-slip rubber treated solace grasp and against move elastic ring. Unbreakable polycarbonate focal point with scratch-safe covering.

Item Features:

• C4 LED innovation, stun evidence with a 50,000 hour lifetime.
• Deep-dish allegorical reflector creates a concentrated pillar with ideal fringe brightening.
• Optimized gadgets give managed force all through battery charge.
• NiMH battery rechargeable up to 1000 circumstances; likewise acknowledges NiCd battery.
• IPX4 water safe. 1 meter affect resistance tried.
• Serialized for positive distinguishing proof.

Double Switch Technology

Get to three lighting modes and strobe by means of the tail top or the head-mounted switch. Switches work autonomously.

3 Lighting Modes and Strobe

• High for a super-splendid bar.
• Medium for splendid light and longer run circumstances.
• Low for light without glare and developed run times.
• Strobe for confusing or flagging your area.


• 120V AC/12V DC
• 1 PiggyBack (NiMH)

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Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Lumen Flashlight

Best Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews

I acquired the light for watch utilize. Strolling up to an auto with unlawfully tinted windows on a movement stop at midnight is unbelievably uneasy. I possess the Stinger HP which is very splendid and I cherish it. That light is mounted in the auto and comes wherever with me. However, I required another obligation light for my belt and I required one that would smolder through tinted windows like margarine. This light tears through windows and blinds anything in its way. I’ll give the photo a chance to justify itself with real evidence.

• C4 LED innovation for outrageous splendor
• LED Solid State Power Regulation gives most extreme light yield for the duration of battery life
• Waterproof
• 3 diverse working modes

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Streamlight 75712 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight

I fill in as an expert car professional, and this is the best flashlight I have ever utilized. The piggyback charger rolls out battery improvements a snap. It will take many drops from the auto lift and continue returning for additional. I wish it arrived in an alternate shading other than dark, on the grounds that most advanced motor coves are all dark making the flashlight hard to discover. I found that wrapping it with splendid orange tape deals with that issue. In general, a super brilliant light that never goes in the tool stash as it is the principal device utilized on practically every occupation.


• Machined aluminum case with non-slip rubber treated solace hold
• Lens: Unbreakable polycarbonate with scratch-safe covering
• 3 watt super high flux LED, impenetrable to stun with a 20,000 hour lifetime
• Runtime: high pillar up to 1-3/4-persistent hours, medium bar up to 3-1/2 nonstop hours, low bar or strobe up to 6-3/4-consistent hours
• 8-1/2-Inch

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Streamlight 85010 Scorpion LED Flashlight

With a super-high-flux Luxeon LED bulb, the Scorpion can kick out a very bright 47 lumens but only weights 5.3 ounces. Since it is made of durable machined aluminum, has O-rings to keep out moisture and a polycarbonate lens, it is as rugged as any flashlight can be. A convenient tail-cap switch allows it to be turned on and off without the need to change one’s grip.

Streamlight 66318 MicroStream LED Pen Flashlight

This attractive little light has a very bright, high flux, 1/2 watt LED with a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours . With its micro optical system, its output and run time is always optimized too. Even though only 3-1/2 inches in length, it has an unbreakable polycarbonate lens.
At just 1.04 ounces, it is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket or any bag. Alternatively, it can be attached  with the included  key ring or safety lanyard.

Streamlight 75813 Stinger DS C4 LED Flashlight with AC/DC Steady Charge

Made of 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum  and an unbreakable, polycarbonate lens, this light is especially durable. With a rubberized comfort grip that will not slip, one can use this flashlight knowing they will have extreme durability and steadiness.
It is 8.85 inches long, 1.17 inches in diameter at the body, and 1.62 inches in diameter at the head. It also has three brightness levels: 180 lumens of light for two hours at the highest brightness, 95 lumens for three hours and 45 minutes at the medium brightness, and 45 lumens for seven hours and 15 minutes at the low brightness.

Furthermore, it has a strobe function.

Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp with Strap

For those situations where the hands need to be kept free, this headlamp offers seven ultra bright LEDs. It includes both elastic and rubber head straps that can fit any head size.

Ready for any situation, it features three levels of lighting for whatever task is on hand including up-close detail work and long-range viewing. For further flexibility, a 90-degree tilt mechanism allows it to be pointed wherever it is needed. Furthermore, it is very durable and water resistant.

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