The Best LED Lighting Dog Collar & Harness Review

Does your canine run off during his daily potty excursion? Or then again perhaps your evening walk takes you past streets without streetlamps.

Assuming you are having pooch deceivability issues, a LED Dog collar is by and large what you need. This light-up collar permits you to monitor your canine in obscurity, mist and snow!

At Dog Lab, we went through 500+ hours testing and auditing more than 21 diverse LED collars and different extras, similar to harnesses and leashes, to track down the most sturdy, most brilliant and best quality LED canine collars accessible.


Here are only a couple of the LED adornments we evaluated:

A portion of the distinctive LED canine collars, leashes, harnesses and vests that we tried and audited

All to respond to a basic inquiry…



  • glow doggie Classic+ top pick – best all round LED Dog collar
  • Best All-Round LED Dog Collar
  • An incredibly splendid, long-running, waterproof LED collar made in Germany. Nothing else approaches.
  • Collar Run Time Visibility
  • LEUCHTIE PLUS 102 hours (guarantees up to 100) 400 yards
  • LEUCHTIE PREMIUM 24 hours (guarantees up to 20) 900 yards


It’s amusing – once in a while you run over an item that is so all around made that it doesn’t appear reasonable for contrast it with the opposition. I will be straight up with you. Subsequent to auditing the LEUCHTIE, any remaining LED collars look like toys. This LED collar outflanks all others by far.

Presently, the LEUCHTIE isn’t a canine collar in the conventional sense. It has no connection for a leash. All things being equal, it’s intended to be worn notwithstanding an ordinary canine collar.

Glow doggie LED Dog Collar sitting on wooden tree stump in light

Made in Germany, this is one of only a handful few LED canine collars that professes to be 100% waterproof. And, it worked similarly also practically speaking. My little guy, Harper, loaves water. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s a lake, puddle or even snow – she will play until she is doused from head to tail. She gave this collar a decent working out!

However, I chose to make it a stride further. I lowered the LEUCHTIE in water for 24 hours. At the point when I woke up the following morning, the LED collar was sparkling as splendidly as the other day, even after a decent dunking.

Glow doggie LED canine collar lowered in bowl of water to test water sealing

Presently, I discovered LEUCHTIES‘ item range somewhat aggravating. Initially, the distinction between the diverse LED collars isn’t clear – they all look unfathomably comparable. All up, there are 4 distinct collars. Allow me to separate them:

1. LEUCHTIE Plus – The base model gleams for as long as 100 hours off a solitary arrangement of batteries. Utilizations 2 AAA batteries. Likewise accessible in rechargeable choice at extra expense. Size: 14-29 inches

2. LEUCHTIE Premium – The most splendid LED collar ever, sparkling for as long as 25 hours. It doesn’t blur as the batteries run down. Utilizations 2 AAA batteries. Likewise accessible in rechargeable alternative at extra cos. Size: 14-29 inches

3. LEUCHTIE Mini – A little LED collar for small scale breeds. Utilizations 2 AAAA batteries. Size: 10-13 inches

All in all, which collar is ideal for your puppy?

The LEUCHTIE Plus is my top pick. With cases of as long as 100 hours of battery life, I had the option to get 102 hours off a solitary arrangement of batteries. That is more than a quarter of a year of one-hour strolls. For deceivability, it was a solid entertainer as well. I could see the collar from more than 400 yards away.

Glow doggie Ultra LED canine collar on line collie radiating brilliantly during the day

For those of you who need something more splendid, snatch the LEUCHTIE Premium. This is the most splendid gleaming LED collar available – it’s even unmistakably noticeable during the day.

Yet, at evening is the place where it truly sparkles. On a crisp evening, I saw the LEUCHTIE Premium from simply over a large portion of a pretty far. The disadvantage is its battery life. To control the exceptional sparkle of this collar, just expect as long as 25 hours of shine time. In any case, despite the fact that this is extensively more limited than the other LEUCHTIE collars, it gleams multiple times as long as the closest contending LED collar.

Green Glowdoggie Ultra LED Dog Collar shining around evening time

Coming from Europe, LEUCHTIE’s estimating is in centimeters and identifies with the perimeter of your canine’s head. The collar slides over your canine’s head as opposed to cutting around the neck. Harper was a size 40, under all that hide she’s more modest than she looks.

Estimating is critical. You need a cozy fit. On the off chance that the collar is free, it can turn. And if the battery pack pivots behind your canine’s neck, it can turn itself off.

Which carries me to turning the LEUCHTIE LED collar on and off. There is no off button. All things considered, inside the collar is an extravagant movement sensor chip. At the point when the battery pack faces descending, the light switches on. At the point when you hang it up on a snare, with the battery pack at the highest point of the collar, it turns itself off.

Pretty cunning, huh?

Smaller than expected Australian Shepherd wearing glowdoggie green LED canine collar at nightfall

Exactly when you figured it couldn’t in any way, shape or form improve. The LEUCHTIE accompanies a 5-year guarantee. Albeit dependent on the quality, and the accessibility of extra parts, I anticipate that this should last significantly more.

Presently, this includes some significant downfalls. And this is the solitary drawback. At this expense, this is one LED collar that isn’t for each spending plan. On the off chance that cost is the characterizing factor, look at our less expensive proposals beneath. This is a top notch LED collar that comes at an exceptional cost.

In any case, in the event that you esteem quality and dependability, there is no going past the LEUCHTIE. There is a motivation behind why LEUCHTIE LED collars are consistently utilized by Rescue K-9 units in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for monitoring canines in obscurity – any item disappointment in these circumstances could cost lives. Nearer to home, the LEUCHTIE is endorsed for use by the Jefferson County Dog Search Association.

Glowdoggie LED Dog Collar radiating brilliantly in obscurity

Presently, it’s probable you will not be utilizing your glowdoggie collar in similar limit conditions. However, it’s ideal to realize that this item is trusted to hold up in bucketing precipitation and freezing icy conditions.

In the event that it’s in your financial plan, there is no discussing it. The LEUCHTIE is the best LED canine collar available. An exceptional collar with extraordinarily splendid LEDs and expanded run time make this a simple champ.

2. Illumiseen Rechargable LED Collar

  • Illumiseen Rechargeable LED Leash Top Pick – Best LED Dog Leash
  • Best spending LED collar
  • A reasonable yet powerful LED collar accessible in 6 distinctive shading decisions.
  • See on Amazon
  • Run Time Visibility
  • 5½ hours (asserts up to 5) 520 yards

Illumiseen Rechargable LED Collar

The Illumiseen LED canine collar offers staggering incentive for your cash. In the daytime, it would appear that some other snap clasp canine collar. If not for the battery pack, you could without much of a stretch mix-up this for some other intelligent nylon canine collar.

And that is important for its allure. The position of safety configuration makes the Illumiseen outstanding amongst other looking LED collars available. The nylon and catch are sturdy and held solid when my little guy endeavored to race off after a squirrel.

Illumiseen USB Rechargable LED Dog Collar in sunlight

All things being equal, I would be reluctant to suggest this as an ordinary canine collar – like with all LED collars, there is little motivation to utilize them in clear climate.

Press the catch, and the LED collar illuminates. Of all the LED snap collars we tried, the Illumiseen offers the longest view distance. I could see the splendid shine of this collar 520 yards away. Splendid enough for easygoing walkers and joggers to recognize their canine in obscurity.

Line collie wearing illumisee LED USB Rechargable Dog Collar

Driven lights have three settings – consistently on, moderate blaze or fast glimmer. My canine cheerfully strolls close by me, so she doesn’t run or pull. I discovered the blaze to be irritating – it resembled strolling with my own pup disco.

In any case, there is no rejecting that the glimmering light gets taken note. Assuming you stroll along streets where there are no streetlamps, the glimmering lights may very well save your little guy’s life. In any case, as far as I might be concerned, I ended up adhering to the consistently on mode.

This collar charges by a USB link that is remembered for the crate. Just attachment the link into your PC or telephone jack, and you are a great idea to go. It requires an hour for a full charge, and off this, I had 5½ long stretches of run time – a little more than seven days of 40-minute strolls.

Fighter Foxhound wearing Illumiseen LED Dog Collar at nightfall

In contrast to our top pick, the estimating is a lot less difficult and works equivalent to some other flexible canine collar.

Measure your canine as you would for a normal collar. On the off chance that your puppy is on one or the flip side of a specific size, picking the following size up or down will bring about a more cozy fit.

3. noxgear Lighthound Led Harness

  • Noxgear Lighthound Top Pick Best – LED Dog Harness
  • Best LED canine harness
  • A brilliant LED harness that can be seen from over a large portion of a pretty far.
  • See on Amazon
  • Run Time Visibility
  • 10 hours (asserts up to 12) 680 yards

noxgear Lighthound Led Harness

I will even out with you. A large portion of the LED canine harnesses that I audited performed inadequately. Low quality materials and bombing lights were normal, yet that is the thing that makes the LightHound significantly more noteworthy. Notwithstanding powerless rivalry, they didn’t simply make a LED harness that is slightly better compared to the others – they took it out of the recreation center!

noxgear light up harness for canines sitting on wooden box

Inquisitively, this was the lone LED canine embellishment that didn’t surpass its promoted run time in consistently on mode. Truth be told, it fell two hours short. I reliably found the middle value of 10 hours of run time, yet this isn’t a grumbling. At 10 hours of utilization, the LightHound Harness was the longest-enduring rechargable LED frill I evaluated. Ten hours from a solitary charge? That is darn amazing by its own doing.

I’ll add that on the off chance that you are in a rush, a 1-hour charge gave me an astounding 8 hours of utilization. Extraordinary in the event that you neglected to charge the LightHound after the last use. The battery pack charges through a USB link that is remembered for the crate. You need to plug it into your telephone charger or track down an extra USB port on your PC to charge the batteries.

Noxgear Lighthound Light Up Harness for canines close up on battery pack

The battery pack is slightly cumbersome, yet your puppy will not notification it as it sits on his back. Despite the fact that this area is presented to the components, I am glad to report that it’s weatherproof. The harness continued radiating through light downpour and snow. Like most other LED canine extras, it’s weatherproof not waterproof. Along these lines, get it far from puddles, lakes and weighty precipitation.

The LED lights turn on with a fast press of a catch situated on the highest point of the battery pack. From here, pick between 8 tones and an assortment of blazing and blurring modes, giving you numerous alternatives. The mode where the harness gradually burns through each tone was my top choice.

Fighter Foxhound wearing noxgear Lighthound LED Dog Harness Blue Light

In our perceivability test, the lights on this harness could be seen from 680 yards away. Even better, it didn’t make any difference what course my canine confronted. I could in any case see her at this distance. Note that the shading changing mode could be seen from much further. At a little more than 800 yards, it was quite possibly the most noticeable LED canine frill I investigated.

Estimating runs slightly little. Harper, my puppy, is usually a medium. To ensure you purchase the correct fit, utilize this diagram:

Size Chest Girth Weight

Small 11½ – 20 inches Under 15 pounds

Medium 17 – 29 inches 14 – 45 pounds

Large 23½ – 40 inches 40 – 95 pounds

X-Large 31 – 47½ inches 90+ pounds

The harness can be slipped here and there in a moment or two. It slides over your canine’s head, clasps under the stomach and fixes over the chest with the draw of a straightforward lash. The cycle was basic, and in minutes, I accomplished a cozy, agreeable fit. Like other flexible harnesses, you need to play out these means each time you place the harness on your puppy or eliminate it.

Noxgear lighthound LED Dog Harness being worn by scaled down Australian Shepherd

Your leash connects to the harness by a ring that is situated on the back of the harness. Lamentably, this makes the LightHound unsatisfactory for pullers. To lay it out plainly, harnesses with a back connection urge the canine to pull as your puppy attempts to demonstrate that he is more grounded than you. In the event that your canine is a puller, I suggest utilizing a LED collar with a harness intended to forestall pulling like the PetSafe Easy Walk all things being equal.

noxgear rainbow shaded LED canine harness

On the whole, the LightHound is a practically wonderful LED harness. While it may not be fitting for those of you with a solid puller or on the off chance that you have ligament hands, the LightHound is undoubtedly the best LED harness available.


Weatherproof versus Waterproof

Jack Russel Terrier Wearing Orange LED canine collar in snow

At the point when we talked with clients, there appeared to be disarray between the expressions weatherproof and waterproof.

To lay it out plainly:

Weatherproof – Resistant to light rain and light snowfall, yet delayed openness may harm the collar.

Waterproof – Can be lowered submerged, endure heavy storms and burrowing through profound snow.

We tracked down that weatherproof is an irritating case to test and shifted from one collar to another. Some weatherproof LED collars could endure light downpour while others fizzled totally.

On the off chance that your canine is water-dependent and loves to hop in lakes, streams, your pool or even little puddles, then, at that point just a waterproof LED collar will endure. Our top pick can be lowered submerged for 24 hours, gleaming the whole time!

LED collars are an extra buy

Glowdoggie Ultra LED canine collar on line collie radiating brilliantly during the day

In the wake of testing each LED collar, we inferred that these will not supplant your ordinary collar any time soon.

Despite the fact that the nylon LED collars we tried were strong, these items contain electrical parts that offer another mark of disappointment.

Canines are equipped for doling out an amazing measure of wear on their collars, from scratching themselves against trees and bushes to scratching at their neck with their rear leg.

While each collar held up all around ok during our survey period, I have questions that they will last through regular wear.

We suggest purchasing a LED collar notwithstanding a decent everyday collar and trade over to a LED canine collar when you need the additional perceivability.


Golly, in the event that you made it this far, congrats! You currently realize which LED collar is best for your pooch.

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